Membership: City and County Governments

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Grow Your Economy

At a time when more and more eCommerce is leaving the local economy, it is now more important than ever for the local governments do everything in their power to encourage buying local. Supporting both your local merchants in websites like Every.CITY, along with the 19 additional Specialty websites goes a long way to encourage success.

Provide a Local Master Event Calendar

By providing a local Master Event Calendar to the local businesses, organizations and residents, you will help facilitate better attendance and less scheduling conflicts. You will also have the ability to link to other local calendars for those individuals that want to reference a specific calendar.

Keep Everyone Better Informed

By providing a mechanism where local businesses and organizations can easily and quickly post their Specials, Events, News Items and Help Wanted Ads, your community will have a better chance of working and succeeding together. To better understand the plan we are offering, please check out the Membership information for the other user types.

Provide Relocation and Department Information

Provide updated and current relocation information to those coming from other cities. This information can include information about your utilities, trash collection, motor vehicle and license registrations, etc., all in one spot. You will also have the ability to provide brief summaries of the Departments, along with their staffs, within your local government structure, with links to your official website if you have one.

Respond to Questions from Your Residents

Local residents will be able to submit their questions within the website, and they can be routed to your choice of email addresses. This will enable you to engage in productive community conversations.

The Best For Last

The best part of this package is it is completely free. No need to pay upfront costs, monthly support fees, commissions, transaction fees, or any other costs. You will be helping your community grow, your businesses and organizations better communicate with your local residents, and most importantly, you will be providing a fully engaging website for your community. All you need to do is Sign Up, and once we make a quick verification call, you will have full administrative access to begin managing all your information.

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